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RELEASE: Congressman Moran Introduces the More Energy More Jobs Act of 2023

Congressman Nathaniel Moran (TX-01) and Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) introduced the More Energy More Jobs Act of 2023, which will lead the United States toward unlocking our offshore energy resources while creating rewarding jobs for Americans.

“The Biden Administration has dragged its feet on approving the five-year offshore leasing plan, which is required under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA). This uncertainty has threatened the security of good-paying jobs and U.S. energy production at a time when it’s needed most. America is abundant in energy resources, and we should unleash our U.S. energy production, rather than rely on foreign adversaries for oil and gas. The More Energy More Jobs Act of 2023 allows states to have skin in the game and tap into their resources responsibly,” said Congressman Moran. “While we work towards achieving energy independence, I am proud to introduce this bipartisan energy legislation that ensures American families have access to reliable and affordable energy.”

“It’s important that we support American energy to keep prices low, provide thousands of good-paying jobs, and secure our energy independence. I thank my colleague, Congressman Moran, for working with me across the aisle to unleash American energy,” said Congressman Cuellar.

Further Information:

The offshore oil and gas industry supports more than 372,000 good-paying jobs, accounts for $30.8 billion to U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) annually and contributes to important conservation and hurricane preparedness efforts. The More Energy More Jobs Act of 2023 empowers U.S. governors to nominate Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) areas adjacent to their state for the inclusion in the Department of Interior’s (DOI) five-year leasing plan. This bill also requires at least two area-wide lease sales in the Western and Central Gulf of Mexico to be included in DOI’s leasing plan. The offshore oil and gas industry strengthens our national security and economy and has among the most rigorous environmental standards in the world. Importantly, this bill requires the federal government to complete environmental reviews and permitting applications in a timely manner to avoid delay in these critical leases.

Under the More Energy More Jobs Act of 2023, state governors would have the ability to nominate Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) areas adjacent to their state for inclusion in the federal government’s leasing plan with two area-wide lease sales being required annually in the Western and Central Gulf of Mexico. This will generate job growth, while boosting regional and national GDP and ramping up domestic energy production.

Support for the More Energy More Jobs Act of 2023:

From the American Petroleum Institute:

“Continued access to the vast energy resources offshore is essential for meeting the growing demand for affordable, reliable energy while achieving our climate goals. The ‘More Energy, More Jobs’ Act is an important step towards more clarity and certainty for the U.S. natural gas and oil producers working to meet the energy needs of U.S. consumers and we thank Representatives Cuellar and Moran for championing U.S. energy security with this legislation.”

From the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA):

“NOIA thanks Congressman Moran and Congressman Cuellar for helping set a tone of bipartisan energy solutions in the new Congress. The U.S. Gulf of Mexico is a source of affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible energy, and its role as a premier energy region is critical to our nation’s wellbeing. Codifying an annual minimum of two Gulf lease sales and tightening key permitting timelines would be a significant step toward bolstering energy security for Americans at home and for our allies abroad. Supporting Gulf of Mexico energy production is in our national interest and should always be a bipartisan priority.”

From the International Association of Drilling Contractors:

“IADC applauds Congressman Moran and Congressman Cuellar for working across the aisle on this vital legislation, which upholds the continued viability of the energy economy in the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding areas. This bipartisan legislation will increase energy security by ensuring the Gulf’s much-needed energy resources continue to be developed responsibly and efficiently. We support efforts like this that advance thoughtful and meaningful policies in this space, which will provide certainty to drilling contractors and rig workers around the world.”

From the Consumer Energy Alliance:

“Consumer Energy Alliance applauds Congressman Moran and Congressman Cuellar for reintroducing bi-partisan legislation that would maximize the Gulf of Mexico’s economic, environmental and energy security benefits for the country. The natural gas and oil the Gulf brings to Americans is among the least carbon-intensive in the world. This bill calls for greater certainty for lease sale timing, more timely environmental reviews and direct state input into the leasing process. All of those elements would help restore competitive, regular Gulf leases and return the Gulf to its rightful status as an American breadbasket that keeps prices low for families and sets the standard for environmental rigor.”