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FY25 Appropriations

Project Name: Pineland Commercial Driving Academy

Requested amount: $1,111,525.47

Intended recipient: City of Pineland

Address of recipient: PO Box 6, Pineland, TX 75968

Project description: The funding would be used to construct a commercial driver training location that will be used to provide training for students and assist with employment opportunities.

Pineland Disclosure

Project Name: Shelby County Interoperable Communications Infrastructure Equipment

Requested amount: $3,100,000

Intended recipient: Shelby County, Texas

Address of recipient: 200 San Augustine Street, Box 6, Center, Texas 75935

Project description: This project will provide for new interoperable radio infrastructure in Shelby County, Texas which will connect to the TxWARN network. TxWARN currently serves over 260 public safety agencies including military, federal, state, and local authorities. Shelby County will work with local partners to place new 700-800 MHz interoperable radio transmitting equipment on existing towers in Shelby County.

Shelby County Disclosure

Project Name: Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) Taxiway-Taxilane Construction Rehabilitation

Requested amount:$8,100,000

Intended recipient: Texarkana Regional Airport

Address of recipient: 201 Airport Drive, Texarkana, Arkansas 71854

Project description: The project would include constructing a new taxilane and widening the full-length taxiway to accommodate all aircraft in the Taxiway Design group (TDG) 5. The taxilane would allow access to a portion of the airport property that would allow for hangar development. The taxiway widening would be necessary to allow larger aircraft to safely turn off the runway and taxi to the respective taxilane or hangar. This project would improve the primary taxiway at Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) to allow for larger/heavier aircraft to operate at the airport and support economic development of the local community and the region. Additionally, the runway and taxiway improvements would make it possible for TXK to attract air cargo activities and additional Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) businesses, bringing more economic development opportunities to the community and state.

Texarkana Disclosure

Project Name: Tyler Pounds Air Traffic Control Tower Construction

Requested amount:$18,000,000

Intended recipient: Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

Address of recipient: 700 Skyway Blvd., Tyler, Texas 75704

Project description: This request will provide a path for funding construction of a new, state of the art Air Traffic Control facility. This will enable the City of Tyler to replace the outdated control tower and to move this critical function to a location on the airfield better suited to today’s traffic pattern and use of the runway system.

Air Traffic Disclosure

Project Name: Riverbend Water Resource District Water Transmission Lines

Requested Amount: $10,000,000

Intended Recipient: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District.

Address of recipient: 819 N Taylor Street Suite 3A28, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Request Description: Riverbend Water Resource District (RWRD) is currently developing a regional water treatment facility to provide wholesale treated water to 12 of its members in Bowie and Red River County. This project would include a new intake structure, raw water pump station, raw water transmission line, a new 30 million-gallons-per-day (MGD) water treatment plant, and a treated water transmission line. RWRD is requesting funds to help with the construction of the water transmission lines part of the overall project.

Riverbend Water Resource District Disclosure